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Supply Management

Flown the Coop. Cry over spilled milk. Political football.

Tue, Jul 3, 2018

When US President Donald Trump started taking aim at Canada’s dairy, poultry and egg industries during the renegotiation of NAFTA, those farmers could feel the hair rise on the back of their necks. Once again, it put Canada’s supply management system back in the spotlight and not necessarily for all the right reasons.

U of Manitoba study found that supply management cost wealthy Canadian Families $554 more and lower income families $339 more.

According to Quebec MP Maxime Bernier, farming families working under supply management are indeed far richer than most Canadian families. The average after-tax income of all households in Canada is $69,100. By comparison, the average dairy farming household income is $147,800, and the number is $180,400 for poultry-farming households.” (Bernier)

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