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COVID-19: Public Mood in Canada

Wed, Apr 29, 2020

When it comes to “flattening” the worry curve, Canadians aren’t immune to their state of mind being impacted by the pandemic.

It’s been about six weeks since the country was effectively locked down as COVID-19 spread across the country. We’ve been in emergency situations before, such as the Ice Storm, wildfires out west, the floods in Alberta. But this goes coast to coast with an enemy you really can’t see. Unlike the financial crash of 08, there is no virus spreading without a vaccine.

Canadian small business owners are scrambling to keep afloat. While small businesses struggle, there is one group working while getting a pay hike. Members of Parliament. But could these MP’s still count on your vote?

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Votes by District

The map above shows how the votes are broken down by district.

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