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COVID-19: Low Risk Offenders

Sat, Apr 11, 2020

In our new social isolation, physical distancing world, there is a group of people for whom that isn’t a reality.

A group of leading medical professionals called on the federal and provincial governments to look at releasing low risk inmates to ease the burden on those facilities. They are ripe for an outbreak when you consider the close proximity of prisoners, guards, staff and parole officers. Quite often sanitation is sparse. There’s another group to consider as well. Those being held for bail. Remember, they have yet to be convicted of a crime, nor have been before a judge and being inside puts them at risk of possibly being infected. While we know there are several inmates held in a cell, there is no ability for them to physically distance from each other. Also at risk are those on the other side of the bars, guards, and staff of the facility.

Tune in to the Unpublished Café today to learn about the conditions in Canada’s jails and prisons.

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