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Health Care in Canada’s Federal Election

Sat, Sep 21, 2019

It’s traditionally one of the key issues in Canadian elections; Health Care. Canadians are particularly protective of health care, and it is gearing up to be one of the main issues up for debate. Health care affects us all differently depending on need.

It seems the upcoming federal election is being drowned out by the mud slinging and rhetoric which is distracting from the real issues affecting us all. On the podcast today, we will bring health care to the front of the bus for discussion. Each party has its approach to the issue and we will endeavour to bring you each Party’s ideas so you can gauge who should earn your vote. Joining us to talk health care is Greg Malone, health critic for the Green Party, and Marilyn Gladu Conservative Shadow cabinet health critic.

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The map above shows how the votes are broken down by district.

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