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Is a Green Wave hitting Canada?

Mon, Jun 10, 2019

Is a Green Wave about to wash over Canada ahead of the next federal election?

A new Abacus Data poll shows the federal Greens with 12% support for the party that has tried to crack double digit support forever in Canada. Digging deeper in the numbers, more than one third of voters say they would consider voting Green. It’s not the first time the Greens were seen to be on the cusp of a break through, but it always seemed stymied by strategic voting. There’s still plenty of race track before we go to the polls, but it’s certainly wind in the sails of the Green Party’s morale. At the provincial level, the Greens have seen victories, electing their first MPP to the Ontario legislature, and The Green Party is the Official Opposition in P.E.I. and it holds the balance of power in BC.

There certainly seems to be momentum for the Greens, but can they keep it going? 

Our question for you this week: Why do you think there has been a rise in support for the Green Party in Canada?

Listen to the podcast with Ed Hand as he discusses this issue with newly elected Green Party MP Paul Manley from the riding of Nanaimo Ladysmith, and policy analyst Nelson Wiseman. Then Dig Deeper by reading news articles on this issue from across the political spectrum before casting your vote!

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Votes by District

The map above shows how the votes are broken down by district.

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