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Canadian Foreign Policy in the Trump-Putin Era

Global Affairs for Canada appears to be turning on it's head. Our long time ally and neighbour, the United States has been scolding us for trade agreements and foreign affairs policy while at the same time cozying up to it's long time adversary, Russia.

Fri, Aug 10, 2018

Canada and Russia have had far from warm relations. There have been pockets of cooperation, but for the most part there appears to be little trust between the two sides. It was Canada and Jean Chretien that brought Russia to the G7 making it the G8 with Boris Yeltsin in charge. It appeared then that Russia was easing the iron grip it had on it’s people. Under Vladimir Putin, it looks like Russia is heading down an old path. The poisoning of a Russian spy and his daughter on British soil has West giving Russia the cold shoulder.

So far more than 25 nations have turfed Russian diplomats from their embassies and Russia has countered the same. The wild card in the whole game is US President Trump. He has said he could have good relations with Putin and Russia and then he will counter the assertion. Where does this leave Canada?

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