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COVID-19: Vaccine Passports

Fri, Mar 12, 2021

We’ve passed the one year mark of the pandemic this week in Canada. 

Economically, the country has been savaged by the lockdowns to curb the spread, in particular now that there are more contagious variants. Vaccines are being distributed giving many the impression that we are out of the woods, but the economic recovery will be much slower. Can vaccine passports help open up the economy again? 

The Canada US border has been closed for non-essential travel for a year now. It has had a hue impact on the travel and tourism sectors. The federal government had urged Canadians to avoid non essential travel, but some ignored it anyway. The airline industry has been crippled by the pandemic and many countries are now looking at “vaccine passports” to get people moving again. But is it a “silver bullet”? It certainly opens up possibilities.

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